Triple Threat Academy for Performing Artists
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Older student encouraging a younger student at street concert

Virtual Cabaret (Leah Rondon Benefit)

"I rewatched the show this morning and am in tears from the last story (again). It was all so beautiful and such a reminder during a somewhat crappy year that love and connection are the most important parts of our world. Cynthia, I just wanted to tell you that I noticed time and time again your expression after each of your students performed. You looked so joyful and enamored by each of them. I could feel the pride, the connection, the happiness that each of them brings you. As a mom it feels really good to share Ryan with you. Thank you for cherishing him and guiding him to find his happiness. That little smile he gave at the end makes my heart melt. How amazing to watch a person you love be in their flow.  Thank you."
—Suzanne Allen

Leah Rondon Benefit Cabaret video

Independent Film Project
(IFP – affectionately known as "film camp")

"Three out of four Rockwell cubs are having the most amazing two weeks with Triple Threat Academy and the summer independent film project. If your kids are interested in acting/performing/singing/dancing, the instruction and opportunities and frankly the loving, supportive vibe of Triple Threat is, in my opinion, unsurpassed." —Aini Rockwell

"Last year, I was fortunate to meet both Jill and Cynthia and knew that they did high quality, inspiring work together, so I signed my 11-year-old daughter up for IFP. It was so much more than either of us had imagined on so many levels! The film, “Presumed Incompetent,” was about and starred Wynston Browne—a remarkable non-speaking autistic teen here in Westport. Ella made many new friends her first day of table reading and even though some shoot days were quite long, she loved every second. I went to set a couple times during filming and witnessed the close bonds the cast had with each other.  Both Jill and Cynthia were always around and available, always smiling, and friendly and supportive with everyone in the cast and crew. This environment Ella was immersed in was full of warmth, creativity, and positivity. Jill took many photos during production and one she took of Ella with Cynthia (Wynston is in the background) was so beautiful I am including it here. It was in the middle of filming Wynston’s birthday party scene when there was a lot going on. In the middle of all of it, you see one of the actors—my little girl—talking and laughing with her director Cynthia. That is how Cynthia is with everyone.


The most important part about this film is that it will shine a light on an incredibly important subject, about a brilliant boy who was trapped inside his own body for so many years, but no one knew how smart he was or how to communicate with him. Only now can we begin to learn about what Wynston, his family, and countless other children and families have been and are going through because Jill and Cynthia took on this labor of love to tell this fascinating story. 

Jill Johnson Mann is a wonderful writer and Cynthia Gibb is an excellent director and together they truly create magic because they care so much about people, about their community, and about improving social awareness of very relevant issues in our world. They make the world a better place with their art and I am so proud and thankful that my daughter was a part of their special IFP this summer."  —Heidi Davis 

Acting Classes

"Dylan LOVED this class more than any other acting class she’s done and had such a blast. It was a real treat getting to watch them up there yesterday and to see the older kids creativity and talent being shared so generously with the younger ones. Dylan—and her friends—can’t wait to do the class in the fall! —Melissa Post re. Pre-teen/Teen Improv with Mike O'Hara

"Kate LOVED your class! I really enjoyed watching the freedom of expression and fun they were encouraged to have. It’s rare to have a program, such as this, that allows kids to be kids while learning." —Terri Jannes re. Youth Acting & Improv with Keith Contreras-McDonald

"Austin LOVED class! He said he wanted to stay for '50 more hours' and that he loved Ali's energy." — Jara Negrin re. Youth Acting with Ali Pearl

"Gavin shared with me that since taking your classes he has gotten so comfortable with readings scripts and running lines on the spot! Your class has been a huge asset for him so thank you! (2021). 2020: Gavin has been absolutely loving this class SO much! He looks forward to it every week and doesn't want it to end. It has been such a bright spot for him during remote learning and Covid. Thank you!" —Sloan Jamali re. Kids Pro Class with Cynthia Gibb

"A big thank you to everyone for the wonderful experience in the Adult Acting class. I felt a great sense of camaraderie and support. I truly enjoyed your performances and the amazing talent you all possess. Keith, thank you for all the guidance and direction, and thanks to Ali for the fun improv classes." —John Nunziato re. Adult Acting

"Thank you, Keith, for leading us with such passion and expertise. Thanks also to you and everyone in this class for contributing to such a comfortable environment for expressing ourselves with reckless abandon. There is nothing more rewarding, therapeutic, and FUN! It was really an instantaneous sense of camaraderie with this group, and I hope our acting troupe will flourish for years (decades?!) to come!" —Adult Acting class, spring 2023

"This class meant so much to me and I don’t know if I’ve expressed my gratitude for its specialness in my life and my fervent HOPE that it will continue." —Adult Actor re. Pandemic Monologue Class

"The opportunity to unload the heaviness onto paper and share it with such a compassionate deeply emotional group was such a gift.  Honestly, I don’t know if I would have the bandwidth for coping with the latest political developments if we hadn’t had the privilege of creating that space together." —Adult Actor re. Pandemic Monologue Class

Talent Manager Workshop/Showcase

"All in all, they were so good! I go to live showcases and maybe callback one, but I think these Zooms show you something more, like how they can jump through the camera." —Dave McKeown, Director Edge Entertainment Mgmt, former Director of On-Camera & Theatrical Divisions, Shirley Grant Management (called back multiple participants and signed Charlie Carroccio!)

Triple Threat Camp 

Triple Threat Matilda cast

“Ayla is not a camp kid. She usually doesn’t like any camps and I have to drag her out the door in the morning. She was up and out and ready to go this week—so that said it all! When I asked her what she liked and disliked about camp, she responded, ‘I loved EVERYTHING and disliked nothing!’” —Denise Nahmias

My girls loved Triple Threat Camp so much! They both really enjoyed themselves.”         —Elena Chudowsky

"Megan is so enjoying the program. She has really enjoyed herself." —Faith S.

Oliver has loved this week so much! He has taken it so seriously. He’s practicing nonstop at home!” —Jenny Vynerib

“My daughter—who doesn't usually like any camp—is up and helping make her lunch in the morning, as she's so excited to get to camp!” —Anne Nolte

“After the show Cooper Gusick came up behind me and hugged me, and said, ‘This was the BEST camp EVER! When are we doing it again?’ I told him that it was all over for now, and he said, ‘But aren't we doing it again?’ I said, ‘No.’ He persisted, ‘Can I come back tomorrow?’” —Triple Threat Camp instructor

It was super impressive that you accomplished those performances in 4 days. Bravo! Tessa had a blast and would love to do fall classes.” —Debra Tobias

“Thank you for everything you did to set this camp up. Thanks for filming and sending us the link. I was very impressed by the instructors and their willingness to jump in and perform to help out the kids. Loved it! Lailah had so much fun with all her friends and wants to do it again.” —Sarah Adair

Cynthia Gibb (Vocal & Acting Instruction, Audition Preparation)

Cynthia Gibb teaching voice to Cameron Mann

"I can always count on Cynthia’s amazing vocal pedagogy with her students. Her vocal techniques resonate beautifully in the recording studio and it helps me succeed to get the best vocal performances out of the singer. She’s one of the best in the music business and is a wonderfully amazing spirit in the world." —Larry Edoff, Music Producer 

"My son is learning so much more with you and this process than he ever did before! It’s very cool. He never got any of the technical work that you're doing with him. It’s awesome! Thank you." —Mom of professional child actor

"To say that your voice lessons have changed me as a performer would be an absolute understatement. Truly, the work that we have done has helped me immeasurably. I credit you entirely for helping me evolve my voice and technique. You have helped me become more efficient in correcting myself, more critical of my pitch when going through a piece, and more open and unafraid to make bold acting choices to deepen each piece I perform. My book has grown immensely, and I credit you for helping me run through a song and make the judgment as to if it is truly right for me. All in all, the work that you have helped me do has completely changed my voice for the better and opened numerous doors. Above that, you’ve provided a safe environment, where mistakes are absolutely okay, and that has helped grow my confidence immeasurably." —Jack, college musical theater candidate 

"I just have not told you how much appreciate all you have done for our daughter. I REALLY appreciate you. Her confidence in 7th and 8th grade has been low and I think she is just starting to gain more of it back. Between doing a couple dance lessons with Jamie Mann, the lesson with Michael, making it into Orphenians, and your unwavering consistent support and teaching….I am so grateful and it is priceless to see her believing in herself. We are proud of how far she has come and thrilled she will be continuing her singing. Thank you for the inspiration, patience, and hard work." —Clair

"Wonderful lesson! They must put something fantastic in the water in Vermont where you were born, because you are a great musical teacher." —Edward Saenz

"Cynthia is so much more than a fantastic voice teacher. She is just a joy to be around as she guides her students to new levels of development. She is a coach, a mentor and a trusted friend all rolled into one. So lucky to have found her." —Karen Beckman

"I cannot express enough how impressed I am with your care for your students. You are such a gem. I just think it is amazingly kind for you to anticipate their angst and support them all so beautifully. That’s all. I just wanted to tell you that you are awesome." —Loren Rubino

"A hearty thank you!  I can’t believe both kids to got into Orphenians this year! You really know how to prepare them. Everyone is delighted and excited and singing throughout the house!" —Staples mom

"Much of Katie’s success is due to your contagious passion for voice—Katie evolved into an accomplished, confident singer. Your attention to Katie means the world to her and our family. Thanks for bringing a greater appreciation and sweet singing into our lives!" —Gwen Baker

"Since I’ve joined the Yale a cappella group the Spizzwinks, I’ve gone on tour to China, New Zealand, Europe, Hawaii, and later this year Chile, Argentina, Morocco and South Africa. I’ve also had the opportunity to sing for John Kerry, Joe Biden, Lady Gaga, Yao Ming, the Italian Prime Minister, and tomorrow we will be singing for Melania Trump. I would not have had these opportunities if it wasn’t for you and for the instruction you gave me over our four years together. Thank you so much for everything!" —Nick Massoud 

“I started working with Cynthia Gibb two years ago. When I came to her, I had been taking lessons elsewhere and was coached improperly. I’m the lead singer of a cover band and there is a great demand for vocal range and ability in my voice. I was singing all wrong and hurting my vocal chords. Working with Cynthia has changed everything. She has single-handedly saved my voice. She is professional, fun and most importantly, thorough in her explanations as to the why’s and how’s of singing properly. Be it a new young singer, or a seasoned vet, everyone can benefit from Cynthia Gibbs' expertise.”
—Suzy Bessett, lead singer Miss Suzy’s Opus  

“Our 8-year old-daughter has been taking music lessons from Cynthia for over 1 year. Cynthia helps to enrich her love of music.  Cynthia's teaching style is playful and interactive, which keeps our daughter's attention, allowing her to absorb what she learns quickly. Our daughter thoroughly enjoys her lessons and looks forward to them each week. I highly recommend Cynthia for any age.” —Murphy Family, Norwalk, CT

“I can’t recommend Cynthia enough! She has done a fabulous job of preparing my son for his college acting auditions. Her experience and wisdom helped ensure he was accepted on to his first choice acting program at a prominent college. Thank you Cynthia!” —Countess Sonya Orlov

"I wanted to reach out and send a HUGE THANK YOU for all the work you've done with Brian. He did SO well at the mock audition last weekend. I know I'm his mom and definitely biased, but he was probably the most well prepared of all the participants.  There were 4 judges and for many of the performers the judges commented on how they didn't think the song they chose was a good audition song but it was just so obvious that B had the perfect song for him. He had some great feedback on his own performance. I left there feeling like all the work he has done with you paid off in a big way just by knowing we have him on the right track with the right person and just wanted to express my gratitude!! —Jeanine Lombardi

"I wanted to tell you Rob's voice is sounding so amazing, and it is due to your amazing lessons. Every time he sings, his vibrato gets better and better." —Bri re. professional musician Rob Morton

"Cynthia Gibb has been an inspiration to me, both as a singing coach and as a personal mentor. She is consistently able to diagnose areas of my singing that need improvement, and encourage me to achieve those goals. Thanks to my work with Cynthia, I can more consistently sing with emphasis and with greater technique. She has motivated me to believe that I am capable in succeeding whenever I encounter a challenge. My friendship with Cynthia has encouraged me to believe I can follow my dreams!" —Tamsin

"Curtis is an Orphenian! I can’t thank you enough, Cindy. You are 2 for 2 with my boys and their auditionsI really appreciate your help and admire your ability to get kids lined up for the audition process. We can’t wait for more performances." —Kara Sullivan

"I just want to tell you how much I have appreciate your work with Anna this year. She has grown so much as a singer—I have really been able to hear her voice improve — and she LOVES taking lessons with you. Thanks for being such a good teacher!
—Lyn Hogan

“I really like going to lessons with Cynthia. I get to sing fun songs and it makes me feel happy and relaxed the rest of the day!” —E.D.

“I like doing the warm-up exercises with Cynthia.  They really help my singing.  It's great to practice my songs with Cynthia and get her feedback. She is sweet and funny.” —E.

“My son Jamie Mann, who is a professional performer and SAG and AEA member, has worked with some of the top voice teachers and musical directors in the business. No one has been as conscientious about ensuring his voice is not damaged as his long-time voice teacher, Cynthia Gibb. In fact, some of the 'finest' vocal teachers out there have strained his voice because they are ignorant of the physiology behind the voice mechanism, careless, and/or not tuned into their students’ voices in the way Cynthia is. Cynthia also has the in-depth training and expertise to repair a voice that has been strained. When Jamie had been screaming the day before a performance of Billy Elliot, in which he played the title role, and his voice became hoarse, Cynthia swooped in and literally saved the day. She ran through a half-hour of vocal exercises specifically aimed at pulling the vocal chords back together, and Jamie went on and sang beautifully. I would recommend that any singer work with Cynthia regularly or at least on occasion and learn how to protect their voice from the all-too-common—sometimes irreparable—damage that directors or singers themselves can inflict if they are not aware of the delicate nature of the voice and the best ways to maintain and bolster vocal health.” —Jill Mann  

Paul Bogaev (Vocal Performance Coaching, Audition Preparation)

"Paul's expertise made all the difference for my son in preparing for his callbacks. He really helped James develop the skills to act out the journey of each song. We are so grateful to everyone at Triple Threat for their support and training!" —Danielle Dobin

Dance Classes

Dance teacher high kick

"He did the dance yesterday and the choreographer was so pleased with his progress…  it’s all because of you!" — Praise for dance teacher Kim Porio 

"Jamie is an excellent teacher. Chloe learned a lot, and he's high energy and fun!" —Praise for dance teacher Jamie Mann