Triple Threat Academy for Performing Artists
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Triple Threat Camp 

“Ayla is not a camp kid. She usually doesn’t like any camps and I have to drag her out the door in the morning. She was up and out and ready to go this week—so that said it all! When I asked her what she liked and disliked about camp, she responded, ‘I loved EVERYTHING and disliked nothing!’” —Denise Nahmias

“My girls loved Triple Threat Camp so much! They both really enjoyed themselves.”         —Elena Chudowsky

“Oliver has loved this week so much! He has taken it so seriously. He’s practicing nonstop at home!” —Jenny Vynerib

“My daughter—who doesn't usually like any camp—is up and helping make her lunch in the morning, as she's so excited to get to camp!” —Anne Nolte

“After the show Cooper Gusick came up behind me and hugged me, and said, ‘This was the BEST camp EVER! When are we doing it again?’ I told him that it was all over for now, and he said, ‘But aren't we doing it again?’ I said, ‘No.’ He persisted, ‘Can I come back tomorrow?’” —Triple Threat Camp instructor

“It was super impressive that you accomplished those performances in 4 days. Bravo! Tessa had a blast and would love to do fall classes.” —Debra Tobias

“Thank you for everything you did to set this camp up. Thanks for filming and sending us the link. I was very impressed by the instructors and their willingness to jump in and perform to help out the kids. Loved it! Lailah had so much fun with all her friends and wants to do it again.” —Sarah Adair

Cynthia Gibb (Vocal & Acting Instruction, Audition Preparation)

"Since I’ve joined the Yale a cappella group the Spizzwinks, I’ve gone on tour to China, New Zealand, Europe, Hawaii, and later this year Chile, Argentina, Morocco and South Africa. I’ve also had the opportunity to sing for John Kerry, Joe Biden, Lady Gaga, Yao Ming, the Italian Prime Minister, and tomorrow we will be singing for Melania Trump. I would not have had these opportunities if it wasn’t for you and for the instruction you gave me over our four years together. Thank you so much for everything!"
—Nick Massoud 

“I started working with Cynthia Gibb two years ago. When I came to her, I had been taking lessons elsewhere and was coached improperly. I’m the lead singer of a cover band and there is a great demand for vocal range and ability in my voice. I was singing all wrong and hurting my vocal chords. Working with Cynthia has changed everything. She has single-handedly saved my voice. She is professional, fun and most importantly, thorough in her explanations as to the why’s and how’s of singing properly. Be it a new young singer, or a seasoned vet, everyone can benefit from Cynthia Gibbs expertise.”
—Suzy Bessett, lead singer Miss Suzy’s Opus  

“Our 8-year old-daughter has been taking music lessons from Cynthia for over 1 year. Cynthia helps to enrich her love of music.  Cynthia's teaching style is playful and interactive, which keeps our daughter's attention, allowing her to absorb what she learns quickly. Our daughter thoroughly enjoys her lessons and looks forward to them each week. I highly recommend Cynthia for any age.” —Murphy Family, Norwalk, CT

“I can’t recommend Cynthia enough! She has done a fabulous job of preparing my son for his college acting auditions. Her experience and wisdom helped ensure he was accepted on to his first choice acting program at a prominent college. Thank you Cynthia!” —Countess Sonya Orlov

“I really like going to lessons with Cynthia. I get to sing fun songs and it makes me feel happy and relaxed the rest of the day!” —E.D.

“I like doing the warm-up exercises with Cynthia.  They really help my singing.  It's great to practice my songs with Cynthia and get her feedback. She is sweet and funny.” —E.

“My son Jamie Mann, who is a professional child performer and an Equity member, has trained and performed with some of the top voice teachers and musical directors in the business. No one has been as conscientious about ensuring his voice is not damaged in any way as his long-time voice teacher, Cynthia Gibb. In fact, some of the 'finest' vocal teachers and coaches out there have strained his voice because they are ignorant of the physiology behind the voice mechanism, careless, and/or not in tune to their students’ voices in the way Cynthia is. Cynthia also has the in-depth training and expertise to repair a voice that has been strained. When Jamie had been screaming (a big vocal no-no) the day before a performance of Billy Elliot, in which he played the title role, and his voice became hoarse, Cynthia swooped in and literally saved the day. She ran through a half-hour of vocal exercises specifically aimed at pulling the vocal chords back together, and Jamie went on and sang beautifully. I would recommend that any singer work with Cynthia regularly or at least on occasion and learn how to protect their voice from the all-too-common—sometimes irreparable—damage that directors or singers themselves can inflict if they are not aware of the delicate nature of the voice and the best ways to maintain and bolster vocal health.” —Jill Johnson Mann                                                      A stage parent, writer, and blogger, Jill offers advice for models and child performers at

“Triple Threat Academy is top notch. The classes are professionally run and offer something otherwise unavailable in the area. With her years of classical voice training and professional experience, Cynthia is undoubtedly the most skilled vocal coach in Western Connecticut. She makes studying voice fun with highly productive technical and creative lessons. As an adult, I never thought I could sing; Cynthia proved me wrong and has me performing in front of people! Thank you Cynthia and Triple Threat for an unbelievably fun experience.” —Lee Norman